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Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is an online school for Jewish studies that supplements Jewish school programming. It brings quality online Jewish education to Jewish students everywhere, regardless of geographic location or ideological orientation, and to supports Jewish schools by providing affordable, innovative, differentiated instruction to supplement their existing course offerings.

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy creates and facilitates effective Jewish Studies online courses with a deep commitment to student academic success and positive student experiences.

In 2016, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy was recognized as one of the 50 most innovative projects in the American Jewish community by Slingshot.

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is sponsored through grants from the AVI CHAI Foundation, the Kohelet Foundation, and the William Davidson Foundation with additional support from Joshua Venture Group and Targum Shlishi. LVJA is grateful for their ongoing support and encouragement.

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Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy opened its doors in September 2014. Currently offering more than twenty Jewish Studies courses, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy works with more than 50 Jewish day schools around the globe to expand and enrich their existing curriculum.

Latest blog posts

  • March 15, 2016

    Online Curricula: Literacy with Flexibility

    Published in the Spring 2016 HaYidion

    By Ilana Lipman, LVJA Director of Curriculum Development

    It was about 30 seconds before the bell rang to signal the beginning of class when Matan approached me. “Mrs. Lipman?” I held my breath. Poor Matan. He was such a curious, thoughtful, hard-working student. I knew he had spent more time than any other student studying for the Shmuel Bet test. It seemed almost unfair to write that B- on the top of his exam, yet rubrics are rubrics and Matan had failed to satisfy the requirements that were demanded to attain an A or an A-. Matan knew that many of his peers had likely scored better grades than he, yet he still came to class full of enthusiasm. I mentally prepared myself for Matan to ask how he could improve his grade and how I could answer him without discouraging him. But his comment surprised me. He did not ask me about his grade.

    “Mrs. Lipman, you will never believe what I read over the weekend. Read More

  • March 8, 2016

    Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy Named One of America’s Top 50 Innovative Jewish Organizations

    Date: 2016-03-08 Hour: 12:49

    Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy, a project of Bar-Ilan University’s Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, has been named one of North America’s top 50 innovative Jewish organizations in the eleventh annual Slingshot Guide, released this week.

    “Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is honored and inspired to be selected for this year’s Slingshot Guide and recognized as one of the most innovative Jewish organizations in America today,” said Chana German, Director of Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy. “Our team has demonstrated that innovation, passion, and perseverance can be transformative in the Jewish educational landscape. We are thankful to Slingshot, and thrilled to be joining a growing network of organizations that are deeply committed to innovation and bettering the Jewish community.” Read More

  • March 7, 2016

    Blended Learning: A Solution to the Day School Tuition Crisis?

    There has been much discussion lately about blended learning and its potential promise for day schools. Chana German, who directs the Lookstein Center’s Virtual Jewish Academy and Russel Neiss, director of educational technology at G-dcast, a website that disseminates educational Torah materials, are at the forefront of this debate. Their extended conversation on the Lookjed website for educators is presented here in an edited and condensed format.

    Read More

  • February 29, 2016

    Our Not-So-Secret, Secret Recipe

    Bringing meaning to online Jewish learning

    In our last post we argued that flashy uses of technology alone will not get students to learn material in a deep and meaningful way. This sentiment begs the question, what does? How can online Jewish studies elicit real thought, reflection, and excitement in students?

    As Jewish day school educators we have all taught students who simply love learning. We have been the lucky teachers of classes that eagerly read the Torah portion, anticipate the commentators’ questions, and relish in the centuries old and ongoing conversations that ensue. But we also know and love the students who struggle to connect with the material and want so badly to find personal relevance in their learning. Read More

  • January 11, 2016

    Chocolate Covered Broccoli

    Why bells and whistles don’t work and how LVJA uses multimedia to enhance learning

    A chocolate coating will not get kids to eat broccoli! And in the world of online Jewish education, all the bells and whistles imaginable won’t motivate kids to learn.

    As creators of online courses in Jewish studies, LVJA is driven by one goal:

    To create engaging courses that inspire students to learn the subject matter in a deep and meaningful way.

    Read More

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Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy designs and offers quality online Jewish studies courses to students in grades 6-12. LVJA works with Jewish schools as well as with select motivated Jewish learners throughout North America.
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